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Strange Practice by Vivian Shaw

Strange Practice by Vivian Shaw

Strange Practice by Vivian Shaw features Dr. Greta Helsing, a descendent of monster hunters. Instead of hunting monsters she now practices medicine for monsters. The nature of her practice, based in modern-day London, must remain secret so her patients can remain safe. That balance is threatened when a group of monks starts targeting supernatural creatures, as well as the good doctor herself. It’s up to Greta and her friends to stop the group before London falls to its knees.

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Soulless by Gail Carriger (The Parasol Protectorate Book 1)

Gail Carriger’s novel Soulless is a delicious stew of genres: steampunk, horror, fantasy, and romance. I like to look at it as a gentle parody of all three, with a large cast of comic characters that realize her zany plot. As we are told many times by the author, Alexia Tarabotti has more than a few problems. Not only is she half-Italian, she is also a spinster, and lacking a soul. The first two alone are enough to cause a scandal among the Victorian upper class (and probably give her mother the vapors). The last makes Alexia an outcast in a world that has integrated vampires, werewolves, and ghosts–beings known for an overabundance of soul–into polite society. When Alexia accidentally kills a vampire for making unwelcome advances, she becomes the prime suspect for a rash of recent vampire disappearances. Now she has to join forces with the obnoxious, but intriguing Lord Maccon (an alpha werewolf and Queen Victoria’s chief investigator) to solve the mystery without becoming a victim herself. Read the rest of this entry »

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Carmilla by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

I read Carmilla one Sunday night after going on a Gothic fiction binge at Project Gutenberg. This novella pre-dates Dracula by about 25 years and lays the foundation for the modern vampire novel. I can’t say that I love this story–I had issues with the story’s pacing and plausibility (in the sense that NO ONE seemed to be able to figure out what was going on right under their noses, even though the author hit us all hard with the foreshadowing hammer at the very beginning of the story). Read the rest of this entry »


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From Dead to Worse by Charlaine Harris

From Dead to Worse takes place a short time after All Together Dead. Sookie and the vampire community are dealing with the fallout from the Pyramid of Gizeh bombing. In its wake, Quinn is missing, and more than one more is out to kill Sookie.

The opening chapters finds Sookie as an impromptu bride’s maid, but the main purpose of this sequence is to position Bill as trying to win back Sookie’s hand, introduce Niall Brigand (Sookie’s great-grandfather), and set up the Las Vegas vampire king’s coup in the wake of the Gizeh tragedy.

As I sit here writing this review, I ask myself “did I actually read this?” Everything seems to blur together in a plotty hodgepodge and I find myself unable to care about what did or did not happen in this book. I long for the days of Dead Until Dark, and I am unlikely to read anymore Sookie novels. They’ve become too bloated and soapy, with meandering plots and too many long-lost relatives. True Blood, on the other hand, I’ll continue to watch, until it becomes equally nonsensical.


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True Blood Blog-Along: Season 3, Episode 12: Evil Is Going On

We’re at the end of our summer blog-along series with True Blood. The season finale starts at 9. We’ve got our hankies and our stakes ready. Who will survive and who will perish?

Two weeks ago: Eric hatches a plan to defeat Russell, Sookie is horrible at reading Bill’s eye-blinks, Lafayette has a fright, Arlene communes with nature, Hoyt and Jessica get back together, and so do Tara and Sam. All the dominoes are in place. Read the rest of this entry »


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True Blood Blog-Along: Season 3, Episode 11: Fresh Blood

Last week: Sookeh learns she is a faerie and therefore has delicious blood, Eric continues to play all sides, Crystal reveals her true self, Sam muses on his own dark past, and Tara is (probably) out for blood.

Season 3 is winding down! See you at 9! Read the rest of this entry »


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True Blood Blog-Along: Season 3, Episode 10: I Smell A Rat

Last week: Russell shakes up the newsdesk, Eric plots revenge, Sookie gets close to finding out who (and what) she is, Jason stakes a vamp, and Lafayette and Jesus canoodle.

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