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Bone: Full Color One Volume Edition by Jeff Smith

I lost myself in the Bone 20th Anniversary color edition over Christmas. I’d discovered the series a few years back, after the original one volume black and white edition was published.

The last time I encountered Fone Bone and his friends was in 2006, when the original One Volume edition debuted. Previously, each of the series’ issues had been collected into (now somewhat hard-to-find) graphic novels. The One Volume, like many current editions of The Lord of the Rings, emphasized that Bone was one long story, with a beginning, a middle, and an end as the author intended. Even though Jeff Smith was publishing Bone for a good portion of my childhood, I hadn’t discovered it until I was well into adulthood. Still, I feel lucky that I was able to read the entire epic in one handy volume, without having to wait until the next issue to see what happened.

The story tells the epic adventure of three cousins who stumble upon a plot to unleash an ancient evil that will trap the world in a nightmare. There are many reviews of the series on the Internet, so this review will focus on the color one volume itself. Read the rest of this entry »


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Little Nothings: The Curse of the Umbrella – Lewis Trondheim

I picked up Lewis Trondheim’s autobiographical graphic novel on a whim. Okay, more like I spied it in my brother’s room this past Christmas and swiped it when he wasn’t looking; I consider it to be in a state of permanent borrow-dom (sorry, dude). My brother has reminded me, on more than a few occasions, that I am to return it, along with the various and sundry video games I’ve, er, borrowed. Maybe I will one day, after I’ve bought my own copy.

But, getting back to the book, this little slice-of-life collection of watercolor vignettes follows Trondheim, the author of Mr. O and ALIEEEN, among other comics, as he navigates foreign travel, pet acquisition, and the flip side of good luck–all in the guise of an anthropomorphic white bird (rooster?). Read the rest of this entry »


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