#GettingLucky: A #Plottymouths Chat About Love Stories, 3/16 at 7:30PM EST

28 Feb

These days, I tell everyone that Twitter is great for a lot of reasons, but especially for the writing community.

I love the impromptu nature of the conversations. Sometimes an off-the-cuff comment can snowball into a veritable Twitter party with folks popping in and out of conversations, dropping nuggets of wisdom and hilarity at will.

I often use the Favorite function to save the ones I wanted to read later, but I always wanted something a bit more searchable. After talking to my friend and writing partner, Amanda, we decided to create our own hashtag to collect some of these gems.

#Plottymouths has become a digital scrapbook of sorts, collecting random writing musings and publishing information.

But Twitter isn’t the place for one-sided conversation and we love hearing new points-of-view. That’s where this blog post comes in.

On the eve before St. Patrick’s Day, we’re hosting a #plottymouths event on writing love stories. Since we missed Valentine’s Day, and because we can’t resist a good pun, we’re calling it #GettingLucky.

So pour a pint of your favorite green beverage and join us on March 16th at 7:30PM EST (for about an hour or so) to talk about all aspects of creating a love story for the ages. Don’t worry if you don’t read or write romance; this chat is open to all literary genres.

See you there! Keep your eye on the #plottymouths tag for more info, or follow us on Twitter:
@sabrinaslibrary and @amandakespohl. If you’d like to write a guest post or submit an article link for discussion, drop us a comment or send us a tweet!

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