True Blood Blog-Along: Season 3, Episode 12: Evil Is Going On

12 Sep

We’re at the end of our summer blog-along series with True Blood. The season finale starts at 9. We’ve got our hankies and our stakes ready. Who will survive and who will perish?

Two weeks ago: Eric hatches a plan to defeat Russell, Sookie is horrible at reading Bill’s eye-blinks, Lafayette has a fright, Arlene communes with nature, Hoyt and Jessica get back together, and so do Tara and Sam. All the dominoes are in place.

See you at 9!

9:01 We’re running late tonight and completely missed the finale preview. Such is life.

9:05 Why, hello, Godric. Vampires must have souls. And why is Sookie running in the woods? Also, she isn’t that bright. At least she’s figured out how to use her light.

9:08 Looks like Eric is going to make it.

9:09 Nan and the Reverend really need their own show. Hilarious.

9:10 I’m convinced Tara will never have a regular, fully human boyfriend.

9:11 I’m slightly disappointed they didn’t leave Russell to fry.

9:12 Tara clearly doesn’t deal well with change.

9:14 I’m still not sure why Sookie agreed to babysit Russell, or why Eric didn’t bother to stake him.

9:15 I feel terribly guilty about being disinterested in Jason’s Hotshot subplot. This is a surprisingly slow finale, after all the setup that happened last week.

9:16 Mrs. Fortenberry called in reinforcements, in the form of a high school guidance counselor. It’s like a mini vampire intervention. I’m really enjoying Hoyt’s newfound backbone.

9:19 On the other hand, I’m really interested to see where Lafayette’s story is going.

9:20 Sookie isn’t too bright, but she’s one shrewd negotiator. $5 million dollars indeed. I’m surprised Russell’s eyeballs aren’t all crispy as well. Special effects can’t do it all, I suppose. Who knew Sookie could be cruel when she wanted to be? Goodbye, Talbot. Enjoy the great garbage disposal in the sky.

9:24 Thus ends Jason’s short-lived career as law enforcement.

9:26 Honestly I think Terry is one of the few people on this show I genuinely like. Looks like asshole Sam was shortlived as well. As possibly was Tommy, which is too bad, because as much as he was an ass, he was an interesting character.

9:29 What exactly is Jason going to do with an entire village of people with dental problems? And how is he going to explain this to the DEA without getting locked up?

9:33 Tara may actually be . . . maturing? Lafayette’s having a bad trip. And Tommy’s gone with all of Sam’s cash. All in under 5 minutes.

9:34 Eric’s human is one of the best screamers in the business.

9:35 I’m enjoying TV Alcide so much better than book Alcide.

9:36 Is Jason actually maturing as well? Who are these people? What show am I watching?

9:39 The witches have made it to Bon Temps.

9:41 No good can come of an impromptu haircut. And when will Sookie fix her house?

9:42 Why do I feel like imprisoning Russell in concrete is not the brightest idea?

9:44 Oh, Bill, you clever bastard. NOBODY TOUCHES PAM!

9:46 I hope this season’s proposal ends better than last season’s. I do love Jessica and Hoyt together. They’re a less complicated Sookie and Bill.

9:50 Wow . . . just wow. I would never have thought Bill would have been responsible for the Rattrays beating Sookie. I’m less surprised that Bill is alive.

9:53 When did Sam become a bloodthirsty asshole?

9:55 Who knew Bill could fly? And Sookie shouldn’t be wandering in graveyards by herself. Where is Claudine when she really needs her? I guess what’s what they mean why “in a twinkling.”

That’s season 3! Feels like more of a quiet end that we’ve come to expect. Did Sam really kill Tommy? Will Bill survive the queen’s wrath? Will Russell escape his bonds? And what exactly is Tara planning? Not to mention the coming of the witches draws near.

See you next summer for season 4.


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