True Blood Blog-Along: Season 3, Episode 11: Fresh Blood

29 Aug

Last week: Sookeh learns she is a faerie and therefore has delicious blood, Eric continues to play all sides, Crystal reveals her true self, Sam muses on his own dark past, and Tara is (probably) out for blood.

Season 3 is winding down! See you at 9!

9:03 I did kind of love the In Memoriam. It was as inappropriate, and heartrending, as True Blood can be.


9:06 Can vampires uninvite other vampires? I guess mace will work just as well.

9:08 You’d really think Bill would’ve taken away the mace. At least Eric’s new squeeze had the brains to let Sookie out. This is definitely not Pam’s season.

9:09 Jesus and Lafayette are still coming down off the high. Why is Lafayette always giving V to people who probably shouldn’t have it at all? And where is Lafayette’s mother? Did they take her back to the home? Also, Lafayette is the worst liar ever, but someone has to set up season 4.

9:12 Jason doesn’t deal with change well.

9:16 Hoyt’s mother is not going to be a happy camper.

9:17 I guess Eric doesn’t know Sookie managed to bust out of the cellar. And Russell is still carrying around Talbot. Gross.

9:19 ERIC’S RINGTONE. It’s so exuberant. And how is that poor waitress still working for Eric? Does she just live for the punishment?

9:20 Poor Bill and Sookie. I’m not entirely sure they’ll make it through this season.

9:21 I don’t suppose they’ve had a chance to put in a headstone for poor eggs.

9:22 Arlene seeking help from a Wiccan. She must be desperate, knowing Arlene.

9:23 Sam is not typically a crazy person. Not sure how this storyline is going to play out. I kind of hate Sam as a right bastard.

9:25 Jason Stackhouse: still chasing old glory and looking to beat up high school kids. Another plot I could do without.

9:27 What’s Mrs. Fortenberry cooking?

9:28 Covering up for a murder will often give one an ulcer.

9:32 I almost feel bad for Tommy, but he did start this whole thing. Leave it to Tara to be the only one left in the joint after Sam throws everyone out.

9:34 I guess there’s no real piece for Sookie and Bill.

9:35 The last time someone did a ritual like this, a maenad ended up in Bon Temps. Do they really want to tempt fate?

9:38 This kid has to be on roids. Or V.

9:40 Lala’s definitely having a bad V trip.

9:42 I always knew Eric had a cunning plan.

9:43 I love how Tara and Sam are bonding over misanthropy. And is Tommy planning to blow up the trailer?

9:45 Arlene is pretty calm in the face of bloody sheets.

9:48 Sookie Stackhouse: supernatural sunscreen. SPF . . .  5 million? Maybe that’s what the vamps on The Gates are taking . . .

9:49 I knew Arlene’s decoction didn’t work. It was too easy.

9:53 That Eric, he’s a canny bastard. BUT WHAT KIND OF SHOW IS THIS WITHOUT ERIC?????

One more episode! Until two weeks!


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