True Blood Blog-Along: Season 3, Episode 10: I Smell A Rat

22 Aug

Last week: Russell shakes up the newsdesk, Eric plots revenge, Sookie gets close to finding out who (and what) she is, Jason stakes a vamp, and Lafayette and Jesus canoodle.

See you at 9!

9:03 Watching the recap, I realize that Nan is a neat eater.

9:04 And Sookie is a faerie. We knew. Least climactic reveal ever.

9:05 Well this is a twist. The fae aren’t as numerous in this universe as in the books. Guess we won’t see Claudine sauntering into Merlotte’s anytime soon. Darnit.

9:06 Poor Jason. Always shooting Tara’s boyfriends.

9:07 It never ceases to amaze me how gooey vampires actually are. I also wonder what kind of ELPI coverage Sam has. People are always getting killed in his parking lot.

9:08 Sam is about one drink from a nervous breakdown. Aaaand flashback. I’m not used to seeing Sam look so dapper. And possibly criminal. Looks like he has more in common with the Mickenses than he’d like to admit.

9:10 I much prefer scruffy Sam. He looks less like a shady insurance salesman this way.

9:11 Sookie has delicious blood. I do so love TV Bill.

9:13 Pam has a name! Too bad I can’t spell it. And Eric has a lawyer. He just keeps unfolding like a flower.

9:14 I covet Pam’s skirt.

9:15 Lafayette’s stash of V is coming in handy. Not that Calvin is grateful. Or anyone.

9:16 I can’t believe I prefer the book version of Calvin.

9:17 Nan is so good at politicizing.

9:18 I never thought I’d hear Bill use the phrase “went medieval.” And why is it always a pissing contest with Bill and Eric?

9:21 I wouldn’t mind seeing Arlene go away permanently.

9:22 Sexual harassment runs in the Merlotte family.

9:25 I hope those are silver bullets, Jason.

9:26 I hope Jesus doesn’t turn into a V addict. This show has too many of those. And what’s this about being a shaman?

9:28 Arlene isn’t going to like that her new BFF is a witch. At least she finally told Terry about the kid.

9:31 Jason has a bunny on his bar. How appropriate.

9:32 It’ll definitely hurt Jason 10 times more when Tara finds out he shot Eggs.

9:33 So Jesus comes from a family of witches. I was hoping for jaguars. And if Lafayette does, and possibly Tara, was that how the maenad ended up in Bon Temps?

9:37 How was Eric able to enter Jason’s house? Nevermind. It was all a dream. I’m getting used to those.

9:39 Had Jason not killed Eggs, would Tara have ended up in Franklin’s clutches? Cause. Effect?

9:41 HOLY CRAP. Jason actually told Tara. That girl is going to need a world of therapy. And she’s probably going to shoot him with his own gun.

9:43 Burning crosses. It’s almost quaint.

9:44 Sam makes a cutest basset hound. Even when he’s trying to relieve someone of his pants. The jury is out on this whole “Raging Sam” subplot.

9:46 Eric’s so good at baiting Sookie with vague assertions of his demise. And that she shouldn’t trust Bill.

9:48 Pam is unexpectedly ruthless. Eric taught her well.

9:50 Is Russell making new progeny, or just time?

9:51 Doesn’t look like Arlene is prejudiced against Wiccans.

9:52 Aw, Hoyt can be dashing when he wants to be. Poor Hoyt. At least she loves him!

9:53 Jason makes a terrible babysitter. And he’s just had the fright of his life.

9:55 There’s nothing like an unhinged 3000 year old vampire having a major psychotic break from reality.

9:57 Shouldn’t have trusted him, Sook.

Until next week!


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