True Blood Blog-Along: Season 3, Episode 9: Everything Is Broken

15 Aug

Last week: Sookie and Bill break up, but not for long; Bill and Jessica bond; Talbot gets staked.

See you at 9!

9:00 Looking at the recap, I’m somewhat surprised how attached Eric still is to his human family, even though they died over 1000 years ago.

9:02 I love Pam in her Juicy sweats. I also love Jessica Tuck as Nan Flanagan. I remember her from Judging Amy and this is such a different role, it shows how fantastic an actor she is.

9:05 In the end, vampires are really just animated goo.

9:07 “Normal couples do not do this, Bill Compton.” I think secretly Sookie craves the excitement. Minus the dead bodies. Becomes inconvenient, and stinky, after a while.

9:08 Does this mean we’re finally going to learn what Sookie is?

9:10 Is Jesus a jaguar????

9:12 Crystal is turning out to be every bit as devious as she is in the books.

9:12 “I’m a Virgo. I like to be neat.” I wonder if vampires have a way of knowing of one has killed another vamp? And who the hell is the Authority??? Apparently, they have the technology.

9:13 PTSD is starting to kick in for Tara. Maybe Terry has tips for her? Actually, therapy is probably the best thing Tara could do for herself. Going to a witch doctor in season one did her absolutely no good.

9:15 In a twisted way, Eric may be the savior of humanity.

9:19 I thought Tommy was living with Sam?

9:21 I really hope Jason had the sense to block his number. My money’s on not.

9:23 “Did he do this to you?” “No. Yeah. I guess you could say that.” Lafayette/Jesus is totally my new OTP.

9:24 Oh, Jason. You moron. Not that he could have known he was sending Kevin into an ambush.

9:25 Andy looks fairly ridiculous in his uniform.

9:30 Sookie sure got to the aquarium fast. Looks like they are skipping ahead in the books as far as plots.

9:33 As much as I feel bad for Arlene, she did have it coming to her. But it’s obvious Tommy stole the money.

9:34 Arlene is shockingly black and white in her thinking. How is she sure the baby is Rene’s?

9:37 Most bizarre dream ever. Is Bill becoming more fairy while Sookie is becoming more vampire?

9:39 I love Eric’s space-aged coffins. And his existentialism.

9:42 Hoyt’s girlfriend is positively teeny next to him.

9:43 Jason, don’t you know you don’t reveal your master plan until the last possible moment?

9:44 Merlotte’s is such a microcosm of insanity. In a good way.

9:45 Tara is possibly the least supportive friend ever.

9:46 I think Hoyt is destined for a lifetime of emasculation. His mother must love Summer. Oh . . . but it looks like he’s about to revolt.

9:48 Russell is now hauling around Talbot in . . . Waterford crystal. I’ve seen it all.

9:50 Nan is so commanding in her pearls.

9:50 As usual, someone is looking to bust up Sam’s bar. This time, it’s Sam. It’s been boiling over all episode.

9:52 I knew Franklin wasn’t dead! Not for long, though. Point for Jason on the planning. Goodbye, Franklin. I’ll miss your entertaining brand of insanity.

9:55 I almost forgot Sookie was in this show. THAT’s how much happened tonight.

9:56 Well don’t leave the girl in suspense.

9:57 Well, damn. I thought Nan was going to get staked, not the poor TV announcer.

9:59 “Eating people is a tough sell these days.” Political coups these days are not nearly as awesome. And gross.

And that’s it for tonight! Only a handful of episodes left!


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