True Blood Blog-Along: Season 3, Episode 8: Night on the Sun

08 Aug

Last week: No good deed goes unpunished, Sookie dances with the faeries, Bill now sun-proof, Pam escapes further torture by Tiffany’s, and more mysteries than you could shake a stick at start to unfold.

9 Is it me or is this season just flying by? I’m loving the new direction so far.

9:02 How are Jason and Lafayette the only ones that are acting reasonable?

9:04 Although he did almost kill Sookie, TV Bill is so much more noble than book Bill.

9:07 Sophie-Anne doesn’t sound like she’s enjoying her new digs. Bets on when Talbot will stake her?

9:08 I had practically forgotten about the Authority speech from last week, which was a little too high-flying for me.

9:10 Eric probably has the best poker face on this show. It’s no wonder he’s lived as long as he has.

9:11 I have almost no interest in Arlene, except for when she’s fighting over tips with Jessica. How will this impact the show’s story arc overall anyhow? I do feel bad for Terry. He has no idea what he’s in for.

9:13 “You’re the only maker I’ve got!” Deborah Ann Woll is such a fantastic young actress.

9:14 I still find myself pondering the question of Sookie’s insurance. Or lack of which.

9:17 Jason: always haring off on the wrong direction.

9:18 When will Franklin show up again? It doesn’t look like Tara finished him.

9:19 Why do I get the distinct feeling Sam’s mother is planning something?

9:23 If Tara and Sookie would be consistently good to each other (instead of fighting over who got the worst deal) they’d be unstoppable.

9:25 Jason is definitely not the listening type.

9:27 The witches have made it into town. Also, I do keep hoping Sam and Tara will get back together, but I doubt that’s going to happen.

9:28 It’s animal magnetism, Jason. Literally.

9:29 How did Lafayette’s mother escape from the institution?

9:31 Eric is up awfully late.

9:32 Doesn’t look like Sookie’s made much progress cleaning up her house. Not that she’s had a chance.

9:35 Tommy Merlotte. Hee.

9:37 This is like the vampire version of the Matrix.

9:40 That would have been an opportune time to totally read her mind, Sook.

9:42 Eric is truly the master manipulator, but I think Russell may be on to him.

9:43 And who is Jason running off to shoot now?

9:44 It’s got to be difficult to keep your secret identity secret when all the other supes can smell you.

9:46 I wonder if there’s more to Jesus? Witch, perhaps?

9:47 Talbot is a terrible loser.

9:48 Jason’s going to get himself shot pretending to be a lawman.

9:50 It’s really high time Sookie got herself a security system. Clearly she has no idea Bill and Jessica were in the house.

9:51 Sookie’s really going to ruin her wallpaper this way.

9:54 I didn’t expect Sookie to put up this much of a fight.

9:55 Ruthless, Eric. Ruthless.

9:56 You really should have shot her, Sook.

9:57 I really wasn’t expecting them to get back together so fast. I just hope she has the homeowner’s insurance.

And that’s it! Slow burn this week, but satisfying to the last.


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