True Blood Blog-Along: Season 3, Episode 7: Hitting the Ground

01 Aug

Last week: Tara makes the great escape, Sookie makes a(nother) bad decision, Sam does his free willy act.

See you in an hour!

9:05 Well, damn, but I wasn’t expecting Lorena to have gotten staked. Well-played Sookie. Except the yelling for help part.

9:07 The cavalry arrives just in time. Too bad Debbie’s busy looking for a fix.

9:08 Sam does cagey pretty well. I love how much darker he is on the TV show than in the books. He’s almost happy-go-lucky in the books, which really doesn’t suit him.

9:09 Why doesn’t he just sneak in as a fly or something? It sure beats almost getting pistol-whipped.

9:11 I love how wonderfully expressive Rutina’s face is. And Anna’s one of TV greatest screamers.

9:12 I was half-hoping Alcide would shoot Debbie. She was the most annoying subplot in the books.

9:14 Poor Jason. All alone with his nightstick.

9:15 Is Hotshot still known for inbreeding? It’s definitely one of the weirder parts of the books. Tonight is definitely the night of comparing TV to the books.

9:17 Biscuits made from hand-churned butter. A woman after Maxine’s own heart. But I think Jessica’s spoiled Hoyt for other girls. “I really want you to taste my biscuits.” Hee. Too bad Jason beat Hoyt to them (as per usual).

9:19 I don’t see the chemistry between Sophie-Anne and Hadley at all. Now that the secret’s out (to Eric) will Sookie’s faerie heritage rear its head?

9:22 I hope Sookie’s up on her tetanus shots.

9:23 Tara: “I’m not going to breathe for a week.”

9:24 Jason’s never gone this far for a girl before, but I personally think he likes doing the bad cop impression. Who knew Andy was the good cop?

9:27 I think Tara’s been wanting to give Bill the boot for a while. And why isn’t he burning up in the sun???

9:28 I wonder what kind of medical insurance Sam offers his employees? They always seem to need it.

9:29 How does Sookie not have a blood type? And how did no one know this?

9:30 The dog-fighting subplot turns my stomach more than anything, because it really happens everyday. I love Sam for clubbing the guard and doing his Free Willy act.

9:31 How does Jason come up with these hare brained schemes? Who know Lafayette was the voice of wisdom? And what of Jesus?

9:33 Good on you, Tommy. At least Sam doesn’t run around in saggy underpants.

9:34 Jason: “I ain’t responsible.” Truer words were never spoken. And why can’t Jason donate blood?

9:36 Only Sookie would prepare to enter the afterlife in nice lingerie.

9:37 I feel terrible for saying this, but while Claudine is pretty, she isn’t as ethereally lovely as she’s described in the books.

9:38 Lafayette is unexpectedly spiritual.

9:40 What killed Sookie’s parents? What the hell is Bill doing here? Who’s going to kick his ass first? What light is Claudine talking about? Sookie’s flashy-thing? And where are the patrol nurses when you need them?

9:42 I’d almost forgotten about Pam. Torture by Tiffany. Creative.

9:47 Well, we know the transfusion worked. Bill and Sookie can’t seem to catch a break.

9:49 Russell is more of a force to be reckoned with than I thought.

Tonight’s episode was shorter than I would have thought. See you next week!


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