True Blood Blog-Along: Season 3, Episode 6: I Got A Right To Sing The Blues

25 Jul

Last week: All Tara wants is a practical outfit and a sandwich, Sookie throws down (verbally) with Debbie Pelt, Jason mixes business and pleasure, and Bill says SOOKEH for the first time this season.

9:02 Russell drags Sookie and Bill back. Didn’t know Bill had those kung fu moves. I’m afraid he’ll have to make a sibling for Jessica. Eric makes himself a right bastard.

9:04 I keep forgotten that Sookie doesn’t know she’s part faerie yet.

9:05 Lorena looks downright worried about Bill. Rib cages as hats. Where have I heard this before?

9:06 I didn’t full appreciate how lovely Eric looks in his green sweater last week. Must make amends.

9:07 Lafayette and Jesus are my new True Blood OTP.

9:08 Jessica really needs a better vampire mentor than Bill. If Pam ever gets free, I nominate her.

9:09 Jason can be unexpectedly sweet for a total horndog. Hotshot is looking curiouser and curiouser.

9:10 The green sweater totally takes away from Eric’s ferocity.

9:14 “You got a nice tip and nobody got killed. See ya tomorrow!”

9:15 I really hope Jesus doesn’t turn out to be a total psychopath. Those are getting a little old.

9:18 “There’s a fine line between feisty and delusional.”

9:20 The secret file rears it’s head! I thought Sookie knew about Sophie-Anne?

9:22 Russell’s certainly prepared for any last-minute torturing that might come up. I suppose this is payback for Bill twisting her head around.

9:24 Did Tara not hear any of the commotion from earlier? Aw, Franklin wanted to look nice for her. He looks totally ridiculous in his satin pajamas.

9:27 Why, Tara, what sharp teeth you have.

9:28 Sookie’s going to have to bust out all on her own.

9:29 So much for throwing a chair through the window.

9:30 It seems to me that vampires have nothing but rules, except for the ones that inconveniently don’t apply to them.

9:31 Russell is the vampire Hitler. Who knew.

9:35 I knew it was too good to be true! Also, I hope Eric sprung for car insurance.

9:37 Shame to ruin such a lovely sweater. But Sophie-Anne did have it coming.

9:42 Debbie and . . . well, I forget this guy’s name, but I love how they’re a mirror of early Lorena and Bill.

9:47 Is every room decorated with weapons? No wonder they had Tara tied up. Though she should probably stake him for good measure.

9:48 Jason still has his high school letter jacket. How cute. Poor Jason.

9:51 Sookie and Tara should tag-team more.

9:53 Using a shifter in dog fights. It’s so crazy, it’s genius.

9:56 Isn’t it a little early for Jason to be abusing his power? He’s still a desk monkey.

9:57 Where does Alcide keep his keys in that state?

9:58 Sookie is really the worst rescuer ever.

That’s all folks! See you next week!


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