True Blood Blog-Along: Season 3, Episode 5: Trouble

18 Jul

Last week: Tara gets herself chained to a toilet, Sookie plays dress-up, Bill abducts a stripper, and Pam finds herself (almost) on the wrong end of a stake. All this an we’re barely into season 3, which is shaping up much better than season 2.

9:04 Tara really needs some new friends. The current ones seem to only get her brainwashed or kidnapped. Meanwhile, Franklin is looking rather, er, long in the tooth.

“She wants to be with me.”

“Hence the restraints.” Hee.

9:07 Franklin likes his slots enough to beat up little old ladies.

9:08 Lorena needs a copy of He’s Just Not That Into You of her very own.

9:09 Again, Sookie plays right into the hands of the people who are trying to kill her. She and Lorena are no good at playing hard to get.

9:11 “He’s not missing and he’s way too square to deal V.” I was on the fence about Talbot, but I’m kind of warming to him. Everyone keeps pinning the V-selling on someone else and now I’m losing track. Looks like there is about to be a coup.

9:12 Debbie doesn’t make a quiet houseguest.

9:14 You know, in his own twisted, homicidal, psychotic way, I think Franklin really does love Tara. In another time and place (minus the psychosis), they’d be good together. Plus the two actors have amazing chemistry.

9:15 Jason looks strangely out of place in shirt sleeves. He’s really a tank top kind of guy.

“I guess this means you find my performance inadequate.”

Whoever is writing all the zingers tonight needs to write more of them in every single episode.

9:19 I do kind of love Terry, even if he looks like he’ll snap at any second. I hope he doesn’t find out whose kid it is Arlene’s really carrying.

9:22 Subterfuge isn’t Sookie’s strong suit, but she makes up for it in moxie.

9:23 Jason is possibly the worst office assistant ever. I hope he kept his job with the road crew. I think he missed the part in the employee handbook where you work your way up from the bottom.

9:24 Tara has to have teeth of steel to break out of those ropes. But good on her. Except for the werewolf that’s about to maul her.

9:26 Lafayette’s been through too much. He can’t even tell when a good looking man is trying to pick him up. Maybe he’s holding out for Eric?

9:27 Apropos of nothing I’m enjoying Sookie’s hair color. It’s looking less brassy these days.

9:28 I’m still holding out for Jason and Tara getting together. Crystal Norris is the worst thing that happened to him in the books. Although, he should make a habit of the shirtless arrests.

9:33 “Whatever happens, do not tip your waitress.” Oh, Jessica. Now Jessica and Tommy would be a good match. This is the night for love in the air. I almost forgot that I thought Joe Lee was a creep.

9:36 I do admire Tara’s guile in the face of complete insanity. Who’s glamoring whom?

9:39 It’s hard to believe anyone in his right mind would make Jason a deputy, let alone give him an actual gun.

9:40 Who knew Lafayette was so bashful! Why do I get the feeling that nothing good can come from this?

9:42 I knew it! Joe Lee is a creep!

9:43 I guess Bill still cares, after all.

9:44 Crystal seems less impetuous and, dare I say, likeable than her book counterpart. Looks like they’re walking to the same spot where Bill first “fed” Sookie.

9:48 It’s kind of sweet Eric is doing this all for Pam.

9:50 What IS Joe Lee’s deal with Tommy?

9:51 “If we’re going to be together, you have to remember, I have needs. Like food.” I don’t know if Tara is as skilled in the double-cross as she’d think.

9:55 And finally some clarity. Eric’s beef with the wolves goes back even before he was turned.

9:58 I really hope Sookie learns to use her flashy-thing soon. Like before she finds herself kidnapped again.

That’s it for this week!

I sincerely hope the post-mortems (post-morta?) make it onto the DVD, especially the one for the Disaster Network.


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