True Blood Blog-Along: Season 3, Episode 4: 9 Crimes

11 Jul

And we’re back with this week’s blog along in about 10 minutes or so.

Last week: Tara and Bill continue to make bad decisions regarding their love lives, Jason has a crisis of confidence, Jessica (unwittingly) becomes Franklin’s informant, and Sookie takes a walk on the Were side.

9:00 Aaaand we’re back. I’ll never understand why we were off last week, but oh well. Gave me time to work on my writing instead of writing about someone else’s writing.

Also, I totally missed the Lou Pine’s joke last week. I feel terribly ashamed.

9:02 Not sure about the weres-doing-V plot. In the books, it was the witches, and I was kind of hoping they’d make an appearance, since that was my favorite book.

9:03 At least he didn’t text her to break up. I always liked TV Bill better than Book Bill, but now I’m not so sure. On the plus side, it looks like Lorena got her head on straight.

9:07 Good old, Sook. Always in denial. Alcide doesn’t make a good shoulder to cry on either.

9:09 “Sometimes I think that boy’s cheese done slipped right off his cracker.” I’m going to apply this in everyday speech, somehow, somewhere. Sam’s family has to have some other agenda, besides mooching.

9:10 What’s Franklin’s obsession with Bill and Sookie? And his relationship with Tara is definitely her most dysfunctional to date.

9:13 Does Eric know that Bill broke up with Sookie? How fast does vampire gossip travel?

9:16 Well, at least Franklin was . . . thoughtful? As thoughtful as one can be when tying someone to a toilet?

9:18 Janice is slightly less wholesome than she is in the books, but she’s fun.

9:20 Out of anybody, Jason is the one who seems most disjointed and looking for a place in the world.

9:24 Not feeling the chemistry between Sookie and Alcide, but love the black wig on Anna.

9:25 Bill’s in deeper than he ever thought. He’s the only one that can upset Sophie-Anne’s rule. Nothing says hatred like joining up with the other side to have your maker killed. What does vampire witness protection look like anyhow?

9:28 Aw, Franklin missed her. It would be cute, if Tara weren’t tied to a toilet with duct tape over her mouth.

9:29 When did Jessica apply for a job? Does Bill give her an allowance? How does she buy all those cute dresses?

9:30 Jessica’s old buddy from Bible study realizes she’s alive. I always wondered how no one’s realized she’s the missing girl from TV. Does no one pay attention to the Amber alerts in Bon Tempes?

9:33 Eric proves to be an unlikely savior. Or maybe he just wants the dollar Lafayette owes him.

9:34 “If there’s one thing I miss more than sunshine, it’s good fruit.” Franklin’s growing on me, even though he’s psychotic.

9:36 Everyone wants to belong. Even if their family is crazy.

9:37 Eric should totally run his own sales training.

9:38 Noooo. They’re going to torture Pam!

9:39 Jason wants his purpose and he wants it now. Instant gratification city. Also blackmail. There’s a lot of that going around. Jason isn’t as dumb as you’d think.

9:40 Sam’s a good guy. Somehow this will blow up in his face.

9:41 Franklin’s working for Russell!

9:42 Meanwhile, back at Lou Pines. Sookie makes a terrible biker babe. Debbie Pelt looks like she needs a good nap, and a place to dry out.

9:44 Noooo! They’re not allowed to kill Pam! Damn you, Bill Compton.

9:48 Russell travels fast, and he’s horning in on Sophie-Anne’s racket.

9:54 Bill procures dinner and learns the truth about love. Sookie seems to be close by. How’s she going to escape a pack of wolves while he’s chowing down?

9:56 That is really going to stain the upholstery.

That’s it for tonight! See you next week!


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