True Blood Blog-Along: Season 3, Episode 3: It Hurts Me Too

27 Jun

Aaaaand we’re back. Starting in about 10, I’m recapping all the bloody action as it happens.

Last week: unhappy families continued to be unhappy, Eric took a walk down memory lane, Jason may have found a new career, and Bill ran into an old flame.

9 – Loving the bloody new bumpers. It’s the little things.

Eric takes a bullet for the sake of information. Looks badass doing it.

Surprised the Were’s thoughts aren’t as garbled as they are said to be in the books. Poor Sook. Always having to clean up dead bodies. She must have one hell of a home owner’s policy.

9:04 Damn. Was hoping this was the end of Lorena. Maybe they’re keeping her around so Sookie can stake her.

9:06 Bill’s a commitment-phobe. Who knew. Or maybe he wants Sookie to have the choice that he never did.

9:07 Real friends (or extortionists) help you dig graves. Reminiscent of book 4. Wonder if Eric has memory loss in his future?

9:09 “He had a Mississippi accent. Can’t you people tell the difference?” And Sookie is once more running head-first into danger.

9:10 Tara is the queen of dysfunctional relationships. Or just maybe a magnet for off-center Supes.

9:11 Sam’s dad really needs to invest in some pants.

9:12 Jason continues to chase meaning. And bad guys. “Would you feel safer with me patrolling the streets, or Andy Bellefleur?”

9:13 Franklin! Since book Tara and TV Tara are so different, I REALLY want to see how this plays out.

9:14 I love Pam and her strangely motherly advice.

9:18 How did Sam get back to Bon Temps so quickly? Sookie has to have burned through all her PTO by now.

9:20 “I’m like a ninja-level marksman!” Oh, Jason.

9:23 Sookie and Tara are insufferable sometimes, but they really have the cutest friendship.

9:24 Bill flashback. Never thought he’d returned to see his family. Does Lorena end up killing her, or turning her?

9:31 Another dead body.

9:32 Alcide makes his appearance.

9:33 Sam’s family pays him a visit. His dad is wearing pants! His brother continues to be surly.

9:34 “Every time we clear one murder, another one springs up. It’s like crabgrass!”

9:37 Caroline’s still alive. But probably not for long.

9:38 Well I was totally wrong about that. Maybe Lorena isn’t totally soulless. “The only way to show your love for a human is to stay away–forever.”

9:39 Zimas are so un-werewolflike. Looks like Bill is taking Lorena’s advice.

9:41 Jason is so not the comforting type.

9:43 I love Lafayette and Eric’s scenes together.

9:45 Aww, poor Terry. Hope he doesn’t find out the kid is not his, well, whatever it turns out to be.

9:47 Franklin pays Jessica a visit. Does his own version of the Godfather. Vampire blackmail at its finest.

9:48 Jason ignores his own advice about chasing his dreams.

9:51 Sookie continues to almost get raped.

9:52 Tara really needs some kind of tin-hat to keep out all the supes trying to mind-meld her.

9:59 Oh, Bill. Sookie is so not going to be happy.

See you next week!


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