True Blood Blog-Along: Season 3, Episode 2: Beautifully Broken

20 Jun

I’m trying something a little different from the standard book reviews. Based on this year’s reading list, I’m sure you can tell I’m a big Sookie Stackhouse fan, thanks in big part to True Blood. I’m finally caught up on season 2 and JUST got the HBO turned on in time to start season 3. Every Sunday at 9PM, I’ll be blogging as the show airs.

Last week: Bill gets kidnapped, Sookie does not; werewolves make their way to Bon Temps; Sam has weird dreams about Bill.

8:52 *tap tap* Is this thing on? Loved the behind the scenes featurette with Brit Morgan (Debbie Pelt) and Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica Hamby).

8:55 Apparently Jessica is blogging. Will it be anything like Lafayette’s own website? If Bill ever gets back, he won’t be happy.



9:03 Bill rips off an ear and gets his snark in. All is well. Russell Edgington (if that’s who the vamp in the riding habit is) is nothing as I pictured.

9:04 Credits. I always thought they perfectly captured everything that’s creepy and mystical in the South.

9:05 Worst suicide watch ever.

9:06 While Jessica is in Shreveport, I can’t help but think of the body rotting away in Bill’s house.

9:08 Is this the kinder, gentler Eric? Or just a clever rouse? I also like the idea of Pam mentoring Jessica. Bill may be her maker, but he’s been something of an absent parent.

9:10 Germany. 1945. Eric flashback. Passable werewolf transformation. What side is Eric on anyway?

9:13 Bill has pretty nice digs for someone who’s being held prisoner. Loved the shout out to Elizabeth Bathory–one of the first “real” vampires.

9:15 Lafayette and Tara have a moment. Life is suffering.

9:17 Jessica is turning out to be my favorite “original” character. I thought she’d be a pain in the ass, based on her season 1 appearance, but DAW has incredible skill as an actress and is able to infuse Jessica with immense pathos.

9:19 “My family junk!” Oh Jason Stackhouse. That’s what you get for sneaking up on your sister.

9:20 Based on the amount of, er, redecorating, Maryann did to Sookie’s house last season, it’ll take a small lifetime to clean up the mess. Sookie and Jason have a heart to heart. No good deed goes unpunished.

9:21 This isn’t a good start to Sam’s family reunion. Hope he brought the one kevlar vest Andy Bellfleur commandeered last season.

9:22 Based on the number of stalkers and/or people wanting to kill her, Sookie should really take Eric’s payment and invest in some security detail. Looks like a werewolf is after her.

9:27 Lafayette takes Tara to visit his mother, continuing the dysfunctional family theme. This is where Tara could end up if she doesn’t get a grip.

9:28 Jason continues to have a crisis of conscience, to Andy’s annoyance.

9:32 Lafayette has an unexpectedly soft center. Extracts a fist-bump promise from Tara not to give up. Not sure it’ll be that easy.

9:33 Sam bonds with his newfound brother. “I didn’t realize this was a ‘who’s life is more fucked?’ contest.” Oh, sibling rivalry. Nothing says brotherly bonding like stripping down to your skivvies.

9:36 Lysol masks everything. Including, apparently, rotting decay.

9:37 Why are there grapes at a vampire dinner? Russell is about to declare war on Sophie-Anne and . . . marry her? Bill”s job is to be the matchmaker.

9:38 Andy’s once again a hero. He’s the wind beneath Jason’s wings. Andy gives him an impromptu pep-talk; reminds him he’s prettier than most girls.

9:41 So much for brotherly bonding.

9:42 Sookie really needs better lighting in her house if she’s going to sit around waiting to be attacked.

9:43 Eric and Godric were in the SS undercover, looking for werewolves (who are also V-addicts). In the books, witches were the V-addicts.

9:48 I do kind of like Terry Bellefleur, even though he looks like he could snap at any second. But he might be one of the first “normal” men Arlene’s been with. LOVE the list why he’d be good with her kids, especially the part about the baby armadillo.

9:50 Looks like the new vamp was the one rifling through someone’s house for its Sookie stash.

9:51 Jessica’s dead body goes missing. Was it really dead?

9:52 Looks like Hotshot is making an early appearance, as are Crystal and Calvin Norris. Jason does his COPS impression.

9:54 Tara’s got a ridiculously badass right hook. Love the parallels to Sookie’s first meeting with Bill in this scene with the mysterious new vamp.

9:55 Was not expecting Bill to pelt Lorena with an oil lamp, but whatever works. HATE HER.

9:57 It’s official. Sookie needs ADT. And a few well-muscled guards.

Next week: More sibling rivalry, errant werewolves, and mysterious vamps.

I’m really enjoying Snoop Dogg’s tribute to Sookie, despite myself. Hee! See you next week!


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